PUI Audio, Inc.

PUI Audio, Inc.

Being North America’s largest, broadest audio components provider isn't what makes us the continent’s only true and total “sound solutions provider.”

Listening to our customers did that.

Since 1978, paying attention to our customers has inspired some of our best ideas: providing pre-launch, post-launch, engineering, and design support; tools and software that seamlessly integrate into existing systems; climate-controlled warehouse with anti-static floors and extensive testing capabilities.

These all came from listening.

Unlike bits-and-pieces brokers, we’re a complete solutions provider offering the complete anything-and-everything spectrum of audio products, from board-level components to 5-inch speakers.

From day one, we connect you with our local manufacturers’ representatives and the appropriate PUI Audio Regional Team. This ensures fast, complete, and thorough support and service.

Completing the supply chain, our global distribution partners are informed professionals who offer a wide variety of services to supply and support PUI Audio customers. The seamless cooperation of our manufacturers’ representatives and distributors brings our customers an unparalleled level of service and support––whether shipping to the middle of the U.S. or the opposite side of the globe.

PUI Audio is a family-owned business in Dayton, Ohio, near the crossroads of America. We partner with our customers to provide them with the best solution. Sometimes that means thinking outside the box to overcome a delivery or production challenge. Other times it might mean traveling to your office or manufacturing location on short notice.

Unparalleled customer service, exceptional product value, and up-to-the-minute support has solidified our reputation as “easiest line to work with,” but the inspiration that made us North America’s total sound solution provider continues to come from our customers.

Nearly 60 years of history had to start somewhere.

Before there was a PUI Audio, there was Projects Unlimited Inc. And before that, back in 1940, there was Wyse labs, leasing a small space in downtown Dayton, OH, near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. We manufactured scale model aircraft, equipment, instruments, and more. By World War II, Wyse Laboratories expanded our operations and increased staff to 150 people. After the war, our company changed directions, entering commercial manufacturing, including developing and manufacturing the standout Wyse-Cycle, a small 4-cycle engine-powered motorbike. By 1947, Wyse Laboratories was succeeded by GADGETS, INC. and we began directing our energies towards fulfilling military spare parts requirements.

In 1951, as volumes increased and military electronics became more complex, Projects Unlimited was born. We became actively engaged in manufacturing new equipment in many fields and maintaining quality spare parts. Even then, PUI was on the cutting edge of other technologies, including introducing the world’s first digital depth sounder.

In 1972, Projects Unlimited moved into a new 28,000 square foot facility, which was soon expanded to 38,000 square feet. Our enhanced engineering capabilities allowed us to enter into producing relays, cables, harnesses, and test equipment. Work on military cables led to joint development with McDonnell Douglas’s Sparrow Missile motor fire cable for the F-4, F-15, and F-18 aircraft. Additional development work with many aerospace customers helped solidify our growing reputation as a provider of highly reliable products for aircraft and missile systems.

1972 was also the year Projects Unlimited entered the field of solid-state buzzers. Rapid growth of a product line of telephone test sets led to the introduction of a new term in the industry, the audio indicator, differentiating solid state products from older, less reliable mechanical buzzers. In 1974, we introduced the Dip Alarm® and Dip Flash®, the first “circuit board mountable“ audio devices.

Continued audio growth led to the establishment of the Audio Products Division in 1972.

In 2008, the Audio Products Division rebranded to PUI Audio– A Division of Projects Unlimited. PUI Audio continues to grow and expand the products we offer, taking on new challenges and providing industry-leading audio solutions.

PUI Audio

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