Hirose Electric Co., Ltd.

Hirose Electric Co., Ltd.

For more than 70 years, Hirose has demonstrated an unyielding commitment to its customers’ satisfaction through interconnect design engineering, project management, manufacturing and production resources, customer support, and logistics.

Best known for high performance connectors, Hirose applies its unique connector technologies and disciplines to a wide variety of market applications. Since its initial inception as a manufacturer of communications connectors, Hirose has evolved into a manufacturer of a broad range of high quality, high performance connectors in markets ranging from automotive to medical to datacom.

Products Offered

Hirose’s expanded connector portfolio includes comprehensive offerings in I/O connectors (circular, rectangular, coaxial and modular types); memory card connectors and IC sockets; printed circuit board connectors (card-edge, board-to-board, board-to-wire and FPC/FFC types); fiber optic connectors and microwave components (couplers, dividers, RF switches, attenuators and terminators).

With an extensive product offering and dedication to high quality, high performance devices, Hirose is committed to serving as its customers’ interconnect partner.

Markets Served

Hirose focuses on markets that require connectors with absolute consistency and the utmost performance, reliability, and quality, and our customers in the automotive, datacom, medical, industrial, computing, consumer electronics and mobile communications markets have come to trust and rely upon Hirose’s connectors.

Whether it’s the smallest board-to-board connector in a handheld device; an I/O connector in portable medical equipment; or a micro board-to-wire connector that must withstand extended life cycles, Hirose’s customers will always receive the highest consistency, quality, and performance possible.