General Cable

General Cable

We are one of the largest wire and cable companies in North America, with a 170-year history of industry leadership. We serve customers in every major market channel, including energy, construction, industrial, specialty and communications and our leading wire and cable products and brands are known for their high quality and outstanding performance. As we work to meet our customers’ needs now, we are investing in research and development to provide solutions for the future. We magnify the value of our products and technologies with expertise in distribution and logistics, marketing, sales and technical & customer service. This creates a unique mix of products, technologies and services to make General Cable a strong, important partner to our customers.

Our Leadership

Our North American business is led by a Leadership Team made up of key business executives representing business, sales, manufacturing, supply chain, information technology and human resources. They report to Greg Lampert, President & Chief Executive Officer, The Americas.

Our Locations

We have employees in North America who operate from manufacturing plants, technology centers, distributions facilities and offices throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States. They come to work every day with one goal ― to manufacture dependable, high-quality wire and cable.

Our Global Reach

We serve our customers through a global network of manufacturing facilities in our core markets, with sales representation and distribution worldwide. We are One Company Connecting the World. Learn more about us, as well as our Ethics & Compliance Program today.