Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild is a leading global provider of semiconductor technology that powers the products we use and makes them more energy-efficient. Fairchild continues to build on its rich history of innovation to address one of the greatest challenges we face today – reducing wasted energy and improving efficiency in an increasingly power-hungry world. Delivering this vision is Fairchild’s way of making the world a cleaner and a better place.

The conservation of energy and the development of energy-efficient products is a critical challenge facing the world today. Energy-efficient solutions from Fairchild play a pivotal role in answering these design issues. With advanced packaging, proprietary technologies and experience in both the design and manufacturing of power semiconductors, Fairchild’s products provide the electronics industry with innovative ways to conserve energy. Fairchild’s high-performance semiconductors optimize energy in applications such as power supplies, cloud computing, mobile, lighting, motor, renewable energy, consumer, wearables and automotive applications.

Power supplies are found in everything from cell phone chargers, to set-top boxes, to industrial control, and offer a large potential for energy savings. Fairchild’s suite of power switches, power MOSFETs, IGBTs, rectifiers, PWM ICs, PFC ICs, HVICs, optocouplers, voltage references and LDOs are instrumental in increasing efficiency, while reducing standby power, size and cost.

Mobile devices are an omnipresent aspect worldwide. Fairchild’s expertise in power, backlighting and signal conditioning allow system designers to solve their challenges of miniaturization, convergence and longer battery life. Fairchild’s IntelliMAX™ advanced load switches, µSerDes™ solutions, MicroFET™ switches, LED drivers, power regulators, MOSFETs, charge pumps, analog switches and logic translators improve energy-efficiency, extend battery life and provide greater flexibility in portable devices.

Lighting applications offer the greatest opportunity to reduce wasted energy because incandescent bulbs are only ten percent efficient. These applications are transitioning to fluorescent and LED or HID lamps, which drive significant efficiency improvements. Fairchild’s ballast control ICs, IGBTs, MOSFETs, HVICs, PFC/PWM controllers, Green FPS™ products, transistors, rectifiers, diodes and optocouplers increase efficiency, extend system life and provide greater flexibility for lighting applications.