LT1009CZ Cross Reference

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Part Number Manufacturer Description RFQ
LT1009CZ#PBFLinear TechnologyIC VREF SHUNT 2.5V TO92-3
LT1009CZLinear TechnologyIC VREF SHUNT 2.5V TO92-3
LT1009CZ#TRLinear TechnologyIC VREF SHUNT 2.5V TO92-3
LT1009CZ#TRPBFLinear TechnologyIC VREF SHUNT 2.5V TO92-3
Replacement Part Number Repl. Mfr Description Reference Type
AD1582BRT Cross Reference Analog Devices 2.5V to 5.0V Micropower, Precision Series Mode Voltage References Functional Equivalent
ISL60002CIH325 Cross Reference Intersil Precision 1.25V & 2.50V Low Voltage FGATM References Functional Equivalent
TL1431ACZ Cross Reference STMicroelectronics PROGRAMMABLE VOLTAGE REFERENCE Pin-to-Pin Replacement

There are 3 cross reference alternative products totally about LT1009CZ : 2 Functional Equivalent and 1 Pin-to-Pin Replacement , Replacement Manufacturers include : Analog Devices Cross Reference Intersil Cross Reference STMicroelectronics Cross Reference