LT1008 Cross Reference

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Part Number Manufacturer Description RFQ
LT1008CN8#PBFLinear TechnologyIC OPAMP GP 8DIP
LT1008S8#PBFLinear TechnologyIC OPAMP GP 8SO
LT1008IN8#PBFLinear TechnologyIC OPAMP GP 8DIP
LT1008CN8Linear TechnologyIC OPAMP GP 8DIP
LT1008S8Linear TechnologyIC OPAMP GP 8SO
LT1008S8#TRLinear TechnologyIC OPAMP GP 8SO
LT1008S8#TRPBFLinear TechnologyIC OPAMP GP 8SO
LT1008IN8Linear TechnologyIC OPAMP GP 8DIP
Replacement Part Number Repl. Mfr Description Reference Type
AD705 Cross Reference Analog Devices Picoampere Input Current Bipolar Op Amp Pin-to-Pin Replacement
OP97 Cross Reference Analog Devices Low-Power, High-Precision Operational Amplifier Compatible Equivalent
OPA277 Cross Reference Burr-Brown High Precision OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS Pin-to-Pin Replacement

There are 3 cross reference alternative products totally about LT1008 : 2 Pin-to-Pin Replacement and 1 Compatible Equivalent , Replacement Manufacturers include : Analog Devices Cross Reference Burr-Brown Cross Reference