ILC1232M Cross Reference

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Part Number Manufacturer Description RFQ
ILC0402ER10NKVishay/DaleFIXED IND 10NH 250MA 420 MOHM
ILC0402ER12NKVishay/DaleFIXED IND 12NH 250MA 500 MOHM
ILC0402ER15NKVishay/DaleFIXED IND 15NH 250MA 550 MOHM
ILC0402ER18NKVishay/DaleFIXED IND 18NH 200MA 650 MOHM
ILC0402ER1N0SVishay/DaleFIXED IND 1NH 300MA 120 MOHM SMD
ILC0402ER1N2SVishay/DaleFIXED IND 1.2NH 300MA 120 MOHM
ILC0402ER1N5SVishay/DaleFIXED IND 1.5NH 300MA 130 MOHM
ILC0402ER1N8SVishay/DaleFIXED IND 1.8NH 300MA 140 MOHM
ILC0402ER22NKVishay/DaleFIXED IND 22NH 200MA 800 MOHM
ILC0402ER27NKVishay/DaleFIXED IND 27NH 200MA 900 MOHM
ILC0402ER2N2SVishay/DaleFIXED IND 2.2NH 300MA 160 MOHM
ILC0402ER2N7SVishay/DaleFIXED IND 2.7NH 300MA 170 MOHM
ILC0402ER33NKVishay/DaleFIXED IND 33NH 200MA 1 OHM SMD
ILC0402ER39NKVishay/DaleFIXED IND 39NH 150MA 1.2 OHM SMD
ILC0402ER3N3SVishay/DaleFIXED IND 3.3NH 300MA 190 MOHM
ILC0402ER3N9SVishay/DaleFIXED IND 3.9NH 300MA 220 MOHM
ILC0402ER47NKVishay/DaleFIXED IND 47NH 150MA 1.3 OHM SMD
ILC0402ER4N7SVishay/DaleFIXED IND 4.7NH 300MA 240 MOHM
ILC0402ER5N6SVishay/DaleFIXED IND 5.6NH 300MA 270 MOHM
ILC0402ER6N8KVishay/DaleFIXED IND 6.8NH 250MA 320 MOHM
Replacement Part Number Repl. Mfr Description Reference Type
AAT3532IAS-T1 Cross Reference AnalogicTech Micropower Microprocessor Reset Circuit Functional Equivalent
ADM1232ARN Cross Reference Analog Devices Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit Possible Analogue

There are 2 cross reference alternative products totally about ILC1232M : 1 Functional Equivalent and 1 Possible Analogue , Replacement Manufacturers include : AnalogicTech Cross Reference Analog Devices Cross Reference