FAN1117AS Cross Reference

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Part Number Manufacturer Description RFQ
FAN1117AS5XFairchild SemiconductorIC REG LDO 5V 1A SOT223-3
FAN1117AS18XFairchild SemiconductorIC REG LDO 1.8V 1A SOT223-3
FAN1117AS25XFairchild SemiconductorIC REG LDO 2.5V 1A SOT223-3
FAN1117AS285XFairchild SemiconductorIC REG LDO 2.84V 1A SOT223-3
FAN1117AS33XFairchild SemiconductorIC REG LDO 3.3V 1A SOT223-3
FAN1117ASXFairchild SemiconductorIC REG LDO ADJ 1A SOT223-3
Replacement Part Number Repl. Mfr Description Reference Type
IRU1117CY Cross Reference IRF 800ma Low Dropout Positive Adjustable Regulator Pin-to-Pin Replacement
LD1117AST-R Cross Reference STMicroelectronics LOW DROP FIXED and ADJUSTABLE POSITIVE VOLTAGE REGULATORS Compatible Equivalent

There are 2 cross reference alternative products totally about FAN1117AS : 1 Pin-to-Pin Replacement and 1 Compatible Equivalent , Replacement Manufacturers include : IRF Cross Reference STMicroelectronics Cross Reference