APM4463 Cross Reference

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Part Number Manufacturer Description RFQ
APM2T42P100064GAN-1TMApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100-M 64GB MLC
APM2T42P100008GAN-2TMApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100-M 8GB MLC
APM2T42P100016GAN-2TMApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100-M 16GB MLC
APM2T42P100032GAN-2TMApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100-M 32GB MLC
APM2T42P100008GAN-7TApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100 8GB
APM2T42P100016GAN-7TApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100 16GB
APM2T42P100032GAN-7TApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100 32GB
APM2T42P100064GAN-7TApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100 64GB
APM2T42P100008GAN-7TWApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100 8GB ET
APM2T42P100016GAN-7TWApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100 16GB ET
APM2T42P100032GAN-7TWApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100 32GB ET
APM2T42P100064GAN-7TWApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100 64 GB ET
APM2T42P100008GAN-8TMWApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100-M 8GB ET MLC
APM2T42P100016GAN-8TMWApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100-M 16GB ET MLC
APM2T42P100032GAN-8TMWApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100-M 32GB ET MLC
APM2T42P100064GAN-8TMWApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100-M 64GB ET MLC
APM2T42P100016GAN-8TMApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100-M 16GB MLC DEV
APM2T42P100064GAN-7TMApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100-M 32GB MLC
APM2T42P100032GAN-8TMApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100-M 32GB MLC DEV
APM2T42P100008GAN-8TMApacerSSD M.2 2242 P100-M 8GB MLC DEV
Replacement Part Number Repl. Mfr Description Reference Type
STS10PF30L Cross Reference STMicroelectronics Pin-to-Pin Replacement
STS7PF30L Cross Reference STMicroelectronics P-channel Power Mosfet Compatible Equivalent

There are 2 cross reference alternative products totally about APM4463 : 1 Pin-to-Pin Replacement and 1 Compatible Equivalent , Replacement Manufacturers include : STMicroelectronics Cross Reference