M38510/10107BGC Cross Reference

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Part Number Manufacturer Description RFQ
M3851 BK005-CABLE 7COND 14AWG BLACK 100'
M3851 BK002-CABLE 7COND 14AWG BLACK 500'
M3851 BK001-CABLE 7COND 14AWG BLACK 1000'
M38513E4FP#U0Renesas Electronics AmericaIC MCU 8BIT 16KB OTP 42SDIP
M38517T-PACRenesas Electronics AmericaDEV SIMPLE TOOL EMULATOR FOR M38
M38510/11904BPATexas InstrumentsIC SEMICONDUCTOR
M38510/11904BPXTexas InstrumentsIC SEMICONDUCTOR
Replacement Part Number Repl. Mfr Description Reference Type
AD518JH/+ Cross Reference Analog Devices Possible Analogue
HA2-2510/883 Cross Reference Intersil High Slew Rate Operational Amplifier Pin-to-Pin Replacement
HA2-2600-2 Cross Reference Intersil 12MHz, High Input Impedance Operational Amplifiers Functional Equivalent

There are 3 cross reference alternative products totally about M38510/10107BGC : 1 Possible Analogue and 1 Pin-to-Pin Replacement and 1 Functional Equivalent , Replacement Manufacturers include : Analog Devices Cross Reference Intersil Cross Reference