Hotenda DRT3.0 32 6916L-1974A

Hotenda Part Number
Manufacturer Part
DRT3.0 32 6916L-1974A

For LG32LB5610-CD / 32MB25VQ / 32LF5800-CB / 32LY340C-CA backlight strip
LED Products
TV backlight bar
Manufacturer Quantity
3100 Pieces

we specialize in Hotenda DRT3.0 32 6916L-1974A electronic components. DRT3.0 32 6916L-1974A can be shipped within 24 hours after order. If you have any demands for DRT3.0 32 6916L-1974A, Please submit a Request for Quotation here or send us an email.
DRT3.0 32 6916L-1974A Attributes
ApplicationsE-mail for more information
Alternative Part (Replacement Part)DRT3.0 32 6916L-1974A
DRT3.0 32 6916L-1974A Resources
DRT3.0 32 6916L-1974A TagsDRT(145)
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