Vishay introduces IHDF side-wound inductor IHDF-1300AE-10

By Hotenda

Recently, Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced the launch of a new type of IHDF edge-wound through-hole inductor, IHDF-1300AE-10, with a rated current of 72 A and a saturation current of up to 230 A, suitable for industrial and defense applications. Vishay Dale IHDF-1300AE-10 adopts iron powder core technology, with a maximum height of only 15.4 mm. It has low AC and DC power consumption and excellent heat dissipation in the severe operating temperature range of -55 ° C to +125 ° C. performance.

The maximum DC resistance (DCR) of this device's side-wound coil released by Vishay is as low as 1.1 mW, which minimizes losses and helps improve rated current performance and efficiency. Compared with the ferrite solution, the IHDF-1300AE-10 has a 75% higher saturation current. The device's ultra-thin package allows designers to meet demanding mechanical shock and vibration requirements while reducing height and saving space.

Inductor operating voltage up to 500 VDC, suitable for DC / DC converters, inverters, motors and switching noise suppression, high power switching power supplies in high current, high temperature applications, including industrial solar systems, electric vehicle charging stations, etc. .

Vishay can customize IHDF-1300AE-10 fixed direction, termination type, nominal inductance and rated isolation voltage upon request. To reduce the risk of whisker growth, the inductor uses a hot dip tinning process. The device is RoHS and Vishay green compliant and halogen-free.

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