National Semiconductor's basic national conditions: design company reached 7nm, manufacturing company reached 14nm

By Xilinx

In the global semiconductor industry, the United States is still the strongest. American companies account for 68% of the global fabless semiconductor industry. They have remained invincible for 9 years, and the manufacturing process is also the most advanced. South Korea is in the memory chip and generation. The field of work is strong. China has made rapid progress in the field of semiconductors. In 2018, China's IC industry sales reached 653.2 billion yuan, a compound growth rate of 20.3%. Among them, domestic companies' semiconductor design level reached 7nm, and semiconductor manufacturing is about to mass produce 14nm process. However, there is still a big gap with the advanced level of foreign countries.

Recently, at the National Electronic Information Industry Work Symposium in 2019, Ren Aiguang, Director of the IC Division of the Electronic Information Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, introduced the progress of the domestic semiconductor industry. In 2018, China’s IC industry sales reached 653.2 billion yuan, and the compound from 2012 to 2018 The growth rate is 20.3%.

Among the output value of 653.2 billion yuan, the IC design industry sales revenue was 251.93 billion yuan, the proportion increased from 35% in 2012 to 38%, semiconductor manufacturing revenue was 181.82 billion yuan, the proportion increased from 23% to 28%, semiconductor seal The industry's revenue was 219.39 billion yuan, down from 42% in 2012 to 34%. Ren Aiguang said that the industrial structure of China's integrated circuits is increasingly optimized.
In the three industrial chain of semiconductor design, manufacturing and packaging and testing, the packaging and testing is relatively low-end, the output value is also the lowest, design and manufacturing are more important, and the high proportion of packaging and testing indicates that the semiconductor industry structure is relatively low-end. Almost all of the US semiconductor packaging and testing work has been transferred to overseas factories, firmly grasping the two key aspects of design and manufacturing.
Although the output value and development speed of China's integrated circuits are very good, Ren Aiguang also mentioned that China's integrated circuits still need to be further strengthened in the three fields of design, manufacturing and packaging. Ren Aiguang pointed out that the domestic semiconductor design industry has grown steadily, and the advanced design level has reached the 7nm level, but it is still dominated by the low-end.
In the manufacturing of integrated circuits, the memory chip process is about to break through, and the 14nm logic process is about to be mass-produced, but there are still two generations of gaps with foreign countries.
In the IC packaging and testing industry, the gap between domestic level and foreign countries is the smallest, and the proportion of high-end packaging and testing business has also reached 30%, but industrial concentration still needs to be further improved.

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