Investing 200 million US dollars, Qualcomm teamed up with Xuxu Electronics to force the Brazilian semiconductor industry

By Quarton, Inc.

Qualcomm, the mobile processor manufacturer, announced on the 14th that it has partnered with Huanxu Electronics and Asustek Computer to announce the world's first smart phone ZenFone Max Shot based on Qualcomm Snapdragon SiP 1 (System in Package 1) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The commercial launch of ZenFone Max Plus (M2), in addition to its new local plant, is also driving cooperation between Brazil and the semiconductor industry.

Qualcomm said that Qualcomm, Huanxu Electronics and the Brazilian federal government have long been committed to laying the foundation for and promoting the development of the Brazilian semiconductor industry, and Snapdragon SiP is the result of continued cooperation between the three companies or units. Based on Qualcomm's solutions, Snapdragon SiP integrates many of the components commonly found in Qualcomm's Snapdragon mobile platform, including application processors, power management, RF front-ends and audio transcoders into a single semiconductor SiP, such as a camera or battery. Additional components provide more space while giving the unit a slimmer look. These products are designed to help simplify the engineering and manufacturing processes of end devices, saving OEMs and IoT device manufacturers cost and development time.

In addition, during the launch of the new mobile device, Semicondutores Avançadosdo Brasil S. A., a joint venture between Qualcomm and Huanxu Electronics, announced that the Snapdragon SiP factory will be located in Jaguariúna, São Paulo. The plant is expected to be officially commissioned by 2020 and will recruit between 800 and 1,000 employees and is expected to invest $200 million over five years.

Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon said, "Qualcomm's platforms and solutions will continue to support and accelerate the development of the mobile industry and other industries. Snapdragon SiP is designed to provide the connectivity we need to build innovative products and superior user experiences for our customers. , security and accessibility. I am very proud to see the first Snapdragon SiP devices launched by Asus in Brazil."

ASUS Chief Executive Xu Xianyue pointed out that “ASUS is honored to be the first partner to launch Snapdragon SiP 1 in Brazil. Innovation is the foundation of Asus, and Qualcomm Technology has always been our important partner. Will benefit from the development of the semiconductor and smart phone industry, bringing consumers a more complete experience. ZenFone Max Shot and ZenFone Max Plus (M2) are smart phones for Brazilian consumers, we are very happy to be this project As a part, we will jointly write down important milestones in the development of the Brazilian technology industry."

Wei Zhenyan, general manager of Huanxu Electronics, said, “Brazil has considerable growth potential in integrating semiconductor SiP. Huanxu Electronics believes that our experience in miniaturization technology is crucial to the success of the program. Last year with Qualcomm Technology After the announcement of the joint venture, we are pleased to be part of the SiP development and manufacturing supply chain. This commercial release lays the foundation for the joint venture to produce products in Continuing cooperation with Qualcomm Technologies, and establishes a semiconductor SiP plant in Jaguariúna. To create quality jobs for Brazil.

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