Decawave and Time Domain Join Forces to Accelerate Micro-Location Market Adoption

DUBLIN, IRELAND and HUNTSVILLE, AL--(Marketwired - Nov 10, 2015) - Decawave, a global leader in ultra wideband (UWB) semiconductors, and Time Domain, a worldwide leader in UWB hardware and software development, today announced a strategic partnership to serve growing commercial and industrial markets for precision ranging and localization. The deal establishes Time Domain as Decawave's preferred partner for navigation and tracking opportunities based on two-way time-of-flight (TW-TOF) ranging and grants Decawave a worldwide license to Time Domain's industry-leading patent portfolio. 

The landmark partnership pairs Decawave's chip technology with Time Domain's development ecosystem to shorten system integrators' development cycles and speed time to market for new location-based solutions. The agreement also provides a framework for collaboration on products, regulatory standards, and industry symposia.

"The ubiquity of GPS has made location-based information a vital part of our daily lives," said Ciaran Connell, Decawave CEO. "However, many emerging applications are demanding an even greater degree of location precision and reliability, as well as the ability to operate seamlessly indoors and outdoors. We are partnering with Time Domain to capitalize on these global trends, which have created an ideal environment for UWB-based micro-location to flourish and thrive."

As part of the cooperation and licensing deal, Time Domain will be given Strategic Partner status within Decawave's successful Partnership Program. Time Domain will pursue TW-TOF ranging applications in industries where mobile ad hoc operating environments are the rule rather than the exception, such as mobile robotics, smart mobility, and autonomous operations.