Bluetooth® Custom Profile for LSR's Serial-to-BLE Now Available on's Developer Studio

LSR’s new Serial-to-BLE offering is software that simplifies development of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) applications using LSR’s SaBLE-x™ Bluetooth® Smart module. Serial-to-BLE provides a simple, comprehensive API library of commands for serial communication via UART between your design's host microcontroller and the SaBLE-x module. By providing a dynamic library of JSON-based human-readable command sets, as well as the source C code for simplified integration within the host MCU’s firmware, even developers with minimal experience with Bluetooth Smart can quickly implement Bluetooth for a product with a microcontroller already on board.

Serial-to-BLE for the SaBLE-x utilizes a custom profile to facilitate the over-the-air (OTA) transmission of data between Bluetooth devices, such as a SaBLE-x based product design and a mobile phone. In October 2015, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) released version 1.0 of the Bluetooth Developer Studio, which is a powerful application development tool to help create consistent Bluetooth services and applications faster. One benefit of the Developer Studio is the ability to collaboratively share custom profiles with other developers, and LSR’s custom profile for Serial-to-BLE is one of the first to be added to the system.

LSR Custom Profile

For developers utilizing the LSR SaBLE-x module with Serial-to-BLE, having this custom profile makes it easy to utilize the Plug-ins available for the Bluetooth Developer Studio to begin to develop a mobile app counterpart for your design. For example, the Bluetooth SIG added an Android Client and Android Profile Validator plug-ins to generate Android applications based on a Developer Studio project.