Renesas Electronics introduces five 8.2mm photocouplers with creepage distance

By Renesas Electronics America

On December 12, Renesas Electronics announced the launch of five new 8.2mm creepage photocouplers, the industry's smallest isolation devices for industrial automation and solar inverters. The package width of the RV1S92xxA and RV1S22xxA optocouplers is only 2.5mm. Compared with other brand products, the PCB footprint can be reduced by 35%, which helps designers reduce equipment size, increase robot arm shafts, and improve workshop productivity. The product also meets the needs of zero-energy buildings with multiple smaller solar installations in confined spaces. RV1S92xxA and RV1S22xxA optocouplers are ideally suited for DC-AC power inverters, AC servo motors, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), robot arms, solar inverters, and battery storage and charging systems.

The RV1S9260A 15 Mbps communication coupler and RV1S9213A Intelligent Power Module (IPM) driver are the first optocouplers in a miniature LSSO5 package with a 0.65mm pin pitch (only half of the traditional package). The package height of the photocoupler is 2.1mm, which can be directly mounted on the back of the PCB, thus freeing up valuable space for top-mounted components. Three infrared reflow solderings provide maximum flexibility. The RV1S92xxA optocoupler's electrical isolation and high CMR noise suppression (50 kV / µs) protect low-voltage microcontrollers and I / O devices from high-voltage circuits when transmitting high-speed signals.

RV1S2281A and RV1S2211A are DC input and low DC input transistor output photocouplers, and RV1S2285A are AC input transistor output photocouplers. RV1S22xxA products provide creepage distance of 8.2mm, package width of 2.5mm, and package height of 2.1mm. They are all packaged in LSSOP with a lead pitch of 1.30mm. All five optocouplers provide 5000 Vrms of reinforced isolation and high temperature operation to withstand harsh operating environments. RV1S92xxA and RV1S22xxA optocouplers support 200V and 400V systems with reinforced insulation to meet industrial safety standards. All five devices meet the stringent UL61800-5-1 standards for motor-driven equipment and the UL61010-2-201 standard for control equipment such as PLCs.

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