Originally established in 1932, Arcolectric is now recognised worldwide as a leading manufacturer of appliance switches and indicator solutions. Delivering over 72 million finished products each year, we manufacture in two purpose built locations across the globe. Our facility in Tunisia has in excess of 3,000 square metres of production space. Our UK factory in West Molesey gives us a very flexible global structure to deliver competitively priced, high quality components on time, every time.  

Arcolectric's ability to serve your present and future needs is achieved through the combination of a strong international manufacturing structure, expertise in product design, efficient manufacturing techniques and our extensive network of knowledgeable sales representatives and distributors.  


Much of our assembly is automated. It is supported by departments manufacturing all component parts:
52 Arburg moulding machines with up to 32 impressions per tool, produce 250 million mouldings per year
5 Bihler, 1 Mabu, 2 Bruderer, 2 Derota and 5 CVA machines press, form and weld 200,000 terminals and Contact per hour
Swiss-made Schenker spring machines wind up to 60,000 precision springs per hour
Our 9 auto turning machines supply a requirement for over 8 million turnings annually
We have a fully equipped toolroom and printing department
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Our sales are truly international, represented in over 35 countries by local stocking distributors. We have dedicated sales and support resources located across China, South East Asia, The Americas, Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe and in the UK. 


Arcolectric is committed to training programs to raise the skill level of all employees. Training programs emphasise quality and customer service.