Adapteva, Inc. is a privately held computer manufacturer based in Lexington, Massachusetts that develops and builds the most energy efficient microprocessor chips and single board computers in the world. Adapteva’s ground breaking Epiphany multicore architecture and Parallella credit card sized computers will disrupt a wide range of end markets from compact mobile devices to next generation supercomputers.

Adapteva was founded in 2008 in order to change the way that computing is done. The result is the Epiphany architecture and the Parallella project.

Company History

Jul: Re-opened store to sell Parallella boards to the community
Jun:  Delivered nearly 100 Parallella boards to Parallella University Program participants worldwide
Jun: Launched A-1 at ISC ’14 in Leipzig Germany – the world’s smallest and most energy efficient supercomputing platform
May: Shipped 2000+ pre-order boards to customers
Apr: Completed shipping of all Parallella boards to Kickstarter backers

Jul: Shipped first Parallella boards to Kickstarter backers
Jul: Parallella design files released as open source on Github with GPL license
Apr: First boot of the Parallella “Gen 0″ computer
Feb: Epiphany drivers released as open source with GPL license

Dec: Shipped first Parallella prototypes
Oct: Launched Parallella project
Aug: Sampled 28nm products, demonstrating 50GFLOPS/Watt energy efficiency
Jul: Released Beta version of OpenCL SDK for Epiphany

Dec: Released Epiphany SDK Rev 1.0
Sep: Reached break-even as a company
Aug: Epiphany-IV 28nm 64-core product tapeout
May: Sampled Epiphany-III 65nm 16-core product

Dec: Epiphany-III 65nm product tapeout
Jun: Epiphany beta SDK release
May: Epiphany-II 16-core prototype tapeout

Nov: Series-A Investment by BittWare
Jun: Epiphany-I 65nm prototype tapeout

Oct: First prototype layout of Epiphany core completed
Jul: Epiphany Mesh Network Invented
May: Epiphany ISA specification Invented
Feb: Company founded

Adapteva Offices:

Adapteva, Inc.
Cambridge Innovation Center
1 Broadway, 14th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142 (map)

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