Founded in 2004 in Silicon Valley and headquartered in Allen, Texas, Active-Semi is a rapidly emerging leader in the multi-billion dollar power management IC and intelligent digital motor drive IC markets. The company's portfolio of analog and mixed signal SoCs (systems-on-chips) are scalable core platforms used in charging, powering and embedded digital control systems for end applications such as industrial, commercial and consumer equipment. 

The company offers power application microcontrollers, DC/DC, AC/DC, PMU and LED drivers that significantly reduce solution size and cost while improving system-level reliability. Active-Semi's turnkey solutions deliver energy-saving power conversion architectures that minimize energy usage and compress system development cycle-time by greater than 50 percent. Active-Semi ships 50 million power ICs per quarter and reached the "one billion units shipped" milestone in May 2012. The multi-national company focuses on commercializing industry leading power management IC solution platforms and has developed broad intellectual property with over 150 patents granted and pending.

Active-Semi Products

Active-Semi’s family of Power Application Controller™ (PAC) ICs offer high-level of integration with 32-bit MCU, with multimode power manager, configurable analog front-end, high-precision data converters, single-ended and differential PGAs, integrated medium and high voltage gate drives and other smart analog and power peripherals. PAC™ IC family offers unprecedented flexibility and scalability in the systems design of various power control applications such as wireless power, motor drives, power inverters, LED lighting, high-voltage system controllers to name a few. PAC™ offers single-IC based solutions in most of these power applications. For more info, contact Active-Semi at 

Active-Semi's ActivePMU™ platform of patented, programmable Power Management Unit (PMU/PMIC) ICs revolutionizes power management in portable devices such as tablets, phablets, smart phones, portable navigation devices, etc. The ActivePMU™ platform provides a wide range of solutions that deliver the highest integration, best performance, fastest time to market, and smallest footprint. Optimized to manage the power requirements of ARM™ single-core, dual-core, and quad-core application processors for mobile devices from numerous vendors, ActivePMU™'s supply and manage power in applications where maximum battery life and smallest size are paramount. 

The ActivePSR™ family of digital Primary-Side Regulation (PSR) controllers simplifies today's AC/DC designs with low component-count benchmark cost-performance, while exceeding every green power efficiency standard around the globe. ActivePSR™ devices are currently in 10 percent of all mobile phone chargers worldwide. Active-Semi is also a leader in the high-power DC/DC automotive charger market, supporting a wide variety of smart-phones & tablets including iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, etc. These high-power devices are single chip solutions for cigarette-lighter adapter (CLA) mobile chargers used by many name-brand mobile OEMs and accessory manufacturers. 

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