Brighter, smaller, less expensive – as a result lighting-class LEDs are found in more and more light fixtures every day. And only LEDiL optics keep pace with the rapid development of today's lighting-class LEDs. When a new LED is released, there's a good chance an equivalent LEDiL lens or reflector is already in production. Slash time-to-market with LEDiL optics and rest assured that, as the only true specialist in the field, LEDiL manufactures durable optics that provide maximum efficiency so your fixture design is achieved with the fewest LEDs possible. You source the best LED for the application, choose LEDiL and you’re sourcing the best optical solution as well! 

LEDiL, with design expertise in Finland and production facilities in Europe and China, is the leading optics supplier to the world's premier lighting manufacturer. Their innovative lenses and reflectors provide optimal optical performance and durability. Relationships with top LED manufacturers allow LEDiL to release products alongside the newest LEDs; their customers enjoy rapid development and deployment of new fixtures with the latest technology. LEDiL is THE optics partner to ensure that your LED lighting fixture is the most efficient and innovative on the market. Their engineers possess a "can do, will do" attitude based on quality, innovation, and collaboration. LEDiL has a genuine desire to offer their clients competitive solutions and product and their staff consists of skillful and innovative experts that possess the latest knowledge of LED optics solutions.