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British GSS develops new low-power carbon dioxide sensor COZIR-Blink

By Hotenda

In the IoT industry, GSS in the UK has always been a company with strong innovation and R&D capabilities. GSS has developed innovative gas sensors using indium aluminum hydride NDIR LED technology, featuring fast, real-time, low cost and high precision. And unique infrared solid-state technology is used in carbon dioxide sensors, which are suitable for mass production and are widely used in many fields, such as portable instruments, HVAC, IAQ, industrial process control.

On September 28th, GSS developed a CO2 sensor COZIR-Blink with ultra-low power consumption and I2C interface. COZIR-Blink consumes very low power compared to other CO2 sensors and has a long service life. Its biggest feature is the "flashing mode", in which the user can manage the power consumption of the sensor according to his own needs and applications. The user can turn on the CO2 sensor when reading is needed, and customize the consumption for each measurement. How much energy, then turn off the sensor completely when not in use! However, it is worth noting that this is not a sleep mode.

COZIR-Blink is built on our unique patented LED technology platform and optical design. This solid state technology delivers best-in-class power, longevity and durability. As early as 2008, GSS introduced a breakthrough CO2 sensing technology based on mid-infrared LEDs. GSS uses this solid-state platform as the heart of the sensor to achieve best-in-class records for the fastest response times, lowest power consumption and longest life.

The carbon dioxide sensor COZIR-Blink has many unique advantages, such as the following:

1. configurable absolute power level

2. long service life and low maintenance cost

3. can be neatly placed in a compact instrument

4. for wireless, portable, wearable and self-powered systems

5. can be integrated with wireless IoT networks such as ZigBee, Wifi, LoRa, Bluetooth, SigFox and EnOcean

6. support energy-saving "smart home"

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