The sun and the moon have changed a lot, want to promote the security of the semiconductor industry?

By American Electrical, Inc.

The Semiconductor Industry Risk Management and Security Technology Forum, hosted by ITRI and SEMI International Semiconductor Industry Association, debuted on the 13th. Fengyue Dachang said that in 2019, the company took "the security can not rely on luck, the most comprehensive protection is the most practical" as the safety management spindle, in addition to upgrading the hardware factory safety level, introducing intelligent factories to improve production efficiency, in terms of security, More active use of AI and big data assisted management.

With the rise of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, traditional risk management and capital security thinking have been unable to respond, and must be increased with time to comprehensively improve the protection of manufacturing resources. Riyueguang pointed out that the development trend of Industry 4.0, production equipment turned to hardware and software integration, machine and machine can also be connected to each other.

ASE further explains that, in contrast to the past, the internal network of the enterprise has been invaded, and there is no effective blocking mechanism. After a breakthrough, the attacker can easily enter different parts of the manufacturing system, such as the controller that monitors and manages the production process. This leads to the suspension of production operations, financial losses of the company, theft of intellectual property rights, and even affects the health and safety of workers. Therefore, the most important part of establishing a security network is how to establish a long-term trusted industrial ecology.

ASE has also established its own safety committee in 2013. The Group established a safety committee in 2013 and successfully passed the Common Criteria (Evaluation Assurance Level) certification in 2015 through the establishment of a central security management integration system. It is the first semiconductor packaging and testing company in Taiwan that has passed EAL6 certification. At present, the Kaohsiung Plant Safety Committee manages and operates the safety management of 27 buildings in Kaohsiung Plant.

The Zian Forum was hosted by the Industrial Technology Research Institute and the SEMI International Semiconductor Industry Association. Sun Moonlight, Trend Micro and insurance broker Wei Lai Yuyue co-organized the loss of nearly NT$2.6 billion due to TSMC’s computer poisoning incident last year. It also shocked the global semiconductor industry. This time, TSMC, ASE, Trend Micro, etc. also discussed from the practical side, providing first-line experience, and hoped to establish and assist the transfer of production to the emerging capital security with the new generation of Zian thinking.

In addition, in order to promote industrial security and industrialization of Zi'an, the Industrial Research Institute has also established an integrated service platform for Zi'an, and through the third-party impartial mechanism, it has assembled Taiwan's independent security products and services, and cooperated with SEMI to secure the semiconductor industry chain. The protection mechanism provides consulting services.

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