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TDK will debut at the Munich Shanghai Electronics Show and take you to the future!

By TDK Corporation

Welcome to the 2019 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show, one of the leading electronic components and systems exhibitions in China and Asia Pacific. At the booth, we will showcase TDK's innovative components, solutions and system applications for various electronics and electrical industries, including TDK, EPCOS, TDK-Lambda, Micronas, InvenSense and Chirp. Products on display include capacitors, magnetic components, sensors, electronic protection components and more.

For the automotive electronics field, car chargers and inverters, battery management systems and thermal management systems will be the focus of the show. For the energy and industrial sectors, we will showcase products and solutions for charging piles, photovoltaic inverters and robots. The products and solutions displayed in the fields of information and communication technology and sensors will also be the highlight of our exhibition. We look forward to your visit!

Product Highlights

CeraLink® capacitors with modular flexible assembly technology

TDK Corporation has expanded its lineup of proven CeraLink® capacitors with the introduction of CeraLink FA type capacitors with modular flexible assembly technology. The new type of capacitor has a space-saving design with two, three or even ten identical capacitors connected in parallel on the same terminal to increase the capacitance. CeraLink FA type capacitors are available in 500V DC, 700V DC, and 900V DC, with capacitance values ​​between 0.5μF and 10μF, depending on the rated voltage and number of capacitors. These PLZT (lead zirconate titanate) ceramic capacitors have a unique bright spot that allows an operating temperature of up to 150 °C. The FA type capacitor is 7.4 mm wide, 9.1 mm high, and has a length of 6.3 mm, 9.3 mm, or 30.3 mm. Despite their small size, they have an absorption ripple current capability of up to 47 ARMS.

One of the main advantages of the shunt switch is its ultra-low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance), which is in the large frequency range of 0.1 to 1 MHz.

, ESR is significantly lower than 10 mΩ. Even at the minimum 3nH inductance, the ESL (Equivalent Series Inductance) is extremely low. With weak parasitics, CeraLink capacitors are well suited for converter topologies based on fast switching semiconductors such as GaN or SiC, and the overcharge voltage during conversion is significantly lower than conventional capacitor technology. In addition, CeraLink capacitors can easily meet the special requirements of size, current capacity, and temperature.

Plasma generator Compact cold plasma generator CeraPlasTMHF

TDK Corporation introduced the compact cold plasma generator CeraPlasTMHF. The part is made of PZT (lead zirconate titanate) ceramic material and a plastic package, measuring only 47.3 mm x 20 mm x 20 mm and is equipped with solderable leads. In addition, it has many features such as light weight, low power consumption, and low input voltage. The CeraPlas HF is easy to integrate and protects the plasma system from high voltages without any special safety measures. The new plasma generator can ionize different gases including air at normal pressure. Its plasma temperature is kept below 50 °C, so it can be used to process heat sensitive materials. With its compact construction and low power consumption, CeraPlas technology is ideal for a wide range of battery-powered handheld devices.

CeraPlas is used in a wide range of applications, such as: it can be used to treat plastic surfaces to make it easier to print or write; for wound disinfection, equipment or food disinfection; and for ozone generation to eliminate odors.

ThermoFuseTM Thermally Protected Varistor: Provides Compact Overvoltage Protection with Integrated Fuses

TDK Corporation has recently expanded its EPCOS ThermoFuseTM product family with the introduction of the new compact NT14 and NT20 series of thermal fuse-protected varistors. The new ThermoFuseTM components take up little space to meet the layout requirements of today's boards. The NT14 series (disc diameter 14mm) is designed to absorb surge current pulses of 8/20-μs and up to 6 kA at 130 VRMS to 680 VRMS rated voltage, while the NT20 series (20 mm disc diameter) Surge current pulses of 8/20-μs and up to 10 kA at 130 VRMS to 750 VRMS rated. The NT14 and NT20 series varistors have maximum energy absorption capacities of up to 220 J and 480 J in 2 ms, respectively, and both series are available in 2-pin and 3-pin types, the third of which is used to monitor the fuse. Whether it is activated.

The ThermoFuseTM Thermally Protected Varistor is a specially designed disc-shaped varistor in series with a thermally coupled fuse for intrinsic safety. Once the varistor is overheated, the thermal fuse (patented) is disconnected, which isolates the varistor from the grid for unmatched reliability. This prevents any potential damage to the PCB or components in the vicinity of the varistor and improves the reliability of the protected device. Thanks to thermistors and flame retardant epoxy coatings, the ThermoFuseTM NT series is UL 94 V-0 compliant and UL 1449 (4th Edition) 4CA certified.

Rugged Y2 capacitor with higher rated voltage

TDK Corporation introduces a new line of EPCOS MKP (metallized polypropylene) Y2 film capacitors for EMI suppression - B3203* series capacitors. Compared to conventional models rated at 300VAC, the new capacitors are rated for operation up to 350VAC and have capacitance values ​​from 4.7nF to 1.2μF, ensuring stable capacitance values ​​under harsh environmental conditions. The new capacitors are certified to IEC 60384-14:2013/AMD1:2016 and are classified according to "Class III Durability Test B under High Humidity Conditions". These capacitors were tested for temperature, humidity, and bias voltage (THB) at an ambient temperature of 85 ° C, a relative humidity of 85%, and an operating voltage of 350 VAC. The results showed that the capacitance decreased by no more than 10%. The new capacitors have a maximum operating temperature of 110 °C.

The new capacitors are UL and EN certified and comply with the AEC-Q200 standard. Different types of capacitors have different pin pitches of 15 mm (B32032*), 22.5 mm (B32033*), 27.5 mm (B32034*) or 37.5 mm

(B32036*), depending on the capacitance value. The enclosure of the capacitor and the epoxy resin seal have a flame retardant rating that meets the requirements of the UL94V-0 standard.

The new Y2 capacitors can be used for filters that are subject to harsh environmental influences and higher voltage ratings (such as photovoltaic inverters or on-board filters) to suppress electromagnetic interference.

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Compact, high performance 3-wire EMC filter

TDK has expanded its portfolio of EPCOS 3-wire EMC filters B84243*, including 10 filters with currents up to 280A. All 18 filters in this series are rated at 530VAC. The performance of this series of filters is optimized for EN 61800−3:2004+A1:2011 motor cable limits up to 25m (C1) or 50m (C2). The metal housing of the filter is IP20-protected and comes in two compact sizes of 190 x 40 x 95 mm and 450 x 170 x 230 mm, depending on the model. Due to the very high saturation impedance of the filter, parasitic asymmetrical currents can be reliably controlled even with extended motor cables.

Another advantage of the new B84243* series is the low leakage current, which works stably even in a 30mA RCD environment. Considering that smaller manual operating equipment requires a leakage current of less than 3.5 mA, the 3A version of the filter (B84243A8003U000) is specifically optimized to have a leakage current of only 1.9 mA at 400 VAC. Another important safety feature is that models rated up to 44A discharge to <60V in less than 1 second.

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Magnetic sensor based on 3D HAL® technology with redundancy and flexible output

The diverse programming features and high accuracy of the HAR 379x sensor make it the perfect system solution for shifting applications, providing magnetic field strength and angle signals. Both of these parameters can be quickly obtained through the SENT interface. In addition, the magnetic field strength signal can achieve the desired push functionality. The product is perfect for applications where linear displacement needs to be measured, such as measuring the pedal position in a dual clutch transmission application, as an engine stroke sensor, or as a cylinder valve position measurement.

Each HAR 379x has two independently working wafers that are mechanically and electronically separated from each other. Due to the advanced technology, the distance between the two inductors is very small. The advantage is that the two Hall elements sense the same magnetic field and the signal synchronous output is guaranteed. Placing a redundant design in a single package reduces system cost while increasing system stability by reducing pin soldering on the PCB. The HAR 379x package is a small 8-foot SOIC8.

Traditional two-dimensional Hall technology can only sense magnetic fields perpendicular to the surface of the chip. Micronas developed 3D HAL® technology to integrate vertical Hall plates into a standard CMOS process, inducing magnetic fields from both vertical and horizontal directions for excellent angular measurements

Volume function. The dual-chip HAR 379x integrates redundancy. Each sensor includes a "pixel unit" with Hall plates that sense two vertical directions (BX, BY) and one horizontal direction (BZ) with current compensation in the XYZ direction. The vertical Hall plate senses magnetic lines of force parallel to the sensor surface, and the Hall plate parallel to the sensor surface senses vertical magnetic lines of force. The HAR 379x achieves excellent accuracy at low cost and is stable over a wide temperature range. The sensor also has a signal processor to calculate and coordinate the two magnetic field sensors, sensor protection, PWM and SAEJ2716 SENT output signals.

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