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[Semiconductor / IC] Total investment of 6 billion yuan GaAs integrated circuit project settled in Jiaxing

By Global Power Technologies Group

Recently, at the first "South Lake Spring" international trade fair, Nanhu District signed 45 projects with a total investment of over 20 billion yuan, including GaAs integrated circuit projects.

According to the report, the GaAs integrated circuit project signed by Jiaxing Technology City was invested by Jiayu Microelectronics and US Duet Microelectronics, mainly engaged in R&D and manufacturing of semiconductor microwave integrated circuits and vertical cavity surface laser emitters with a total investment of 6 billion yuan. The land is 100 mu, and the annual output value is estimated to be 8 billion yuan and the annual tax revenue is more than 400 million yuan.

It is understood that the project is the largest project signing this event, and it is another representative of Nanhu District based on industry orientation, vigorously developing the digital economy and attracting big players. In January of this year, the total investment of 11 billion yuan, with an annual output of 4.8 million pieces of Zhongjing large silicon wafer project settled in Nanhu District, has started construction.

According to the data, Duet Microelectronics, the investment partner of the project, is a provider of RF semiconductor solutions, and another investor, Jiayu Microelectronics, has not displayed more information.

Gallium arsenide is one of the mainstream products of compound semiconductors. It is mainly used in the field of microelectronics and optoelectronics. It is a key substrate material for semiconductor light-emitting diodes and communication devices. At present, the domestic gallium arsenide industry has fewer production enterprises and low output, and most of them are mainly low-end products. The signing of the project is expected to accelerate the development of domestic gallium arsenide.

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