AH3572/AH3574/AH3582 Hall Effect Omnipolar Switches

By Diodes Incorporated

Diodes' AH357x and AH3582 are high-voltage Hall effect omnipolar switches with operating voltages of 3 V to 28 V across an extended temperature range. These devices feature chopper stabilized architecture that provides a reliable solution across the entire operating range. They have a reverse blocking diode with a Zener clamp on the supply pin and an overcurrent limit with a Zener clamp on its output for robustness and protection.

The AH3572 and AH3574 switches are open-drain output, and the AH3582 has an internal pull-up resistor output. They are switched on with south or north pole of sufficient strength. When the magnetic flux density (B) perpendicular to the package is larger than the operate point (BOP), the output is switched on (pulled-low) and held on until the magnetic flux density B is lower than the release point (BRP). These switches are available in SOT23 and SIP-3 packages.


  • High-performance omnipolar sensing
    • Two tight tolerance sensitivity options with a tight operating window and low-temperature coefficients for switch points
    • Chopper stabilized design minimizes switch point drift
    • Magnetic characteristics specified across the whole operating range
    • Fast power-on of 10 µs and response time of 3.75 µs
  • Product flexibility
    • 3 V to 28 V and -40°C to +125°C supports a wide range of apps
    • Industry-standard SOT23 and SIP-3 package options
  • Reliability and robustness
    • Output clamps with current limit
    • Input 32 V reverse voltage protection with clamps
    • High ESD (HBM) rating of 6 kV
  • Position and proximity sensing
  • Open and close detect
  • Level detect
  • Contactless switches
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