Statfree® CV280™ Conductive Floor Mat

Desco's Statfree® CV280™ Conductive Floor Mat is a 0.080" thick, homogeneous polymer matrix of PVC material. It provides a flooring surface that does not generate a static charge and will act as part of the path to ground for an operator wearing ESD footwear. Typical applications include high-traffic areas and use under chairs and carts.

Features and Benefits
  • Conductive (1 x 104 - 1 x 106 Ω Rtt) Pebble Embossed Surface
    • Meets the required limits of ANSI/ESD S20.20 Method 1 (<3.5 x 107 Ω) for a flooring/footwear system
    • Resistance range of the surface layer remains low enough to act as a path to ground, even with normal dirt and grime buildup
  • Lays flat; edges will not curl
    • Designed for use in all work areas
  • Works with ESD floor tiles and finishes
  • Includes 14234 Ground Cord
  • Lot traceability information
    • Provides tracking information for lifespan of the product and to ensure quality control
  • Lead-free RoHS-compliant
  • Made in the United States of America

Products List
  • ESD MAT CV280 BLACK 48X60'

  • ESD MAT CV280 BLACK 36X48""

  • ESD MAT CV280 BLACK 48X40'

  • ESD MAT CV280 BLACK 48X72""