S6E1C3 Series

The S6E1C3 series from Cypress Semiconductor is a highly integrated 32-bit microcontroller designed for embedded controllers aiming at low power consumption and low cost. This series has the ARM® Cortex®-M0+ processor with on-chip Flash memory and SRAM, and consists of peripheral functions such as various timers, ADC, and communication interfaces [UART, CSIO (SPI), I2C, I2S, smart card, and USB].

The products which are described in this data sheet are placed into TYPE3-M0+ product categories in the "FM0+ Family Peripheral Manual".

The FM0-64L-S6E1C3 starter kit is a low cost development platform for the Cypress FM0+ S6E1C-Series. This kit enables rapid development of embedded systems with onboard interfaces including USB, digital audio, and an Arduino™ Uno-compatible form-factor to prototype with Arduino shields.

  • 40 MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU with 64-channel DMA
  • 128 KB Flash, 16 KB SRAM, and 54 GPIOs
  • One of the industry's most efficient 35 µA/CoreMark® score
  • Ultra-low-power consumption: active - 40 µA/MHz and standby - 1.2 µA
  • Advanced peripherals: USB host and device, HDMI-CEC and 6x Serial Interfaces
  • Flexible Arduino Uno form-factor with onboard sensors and CMSIS-DAP debugger
    • Arduino Uno form-factor to prototype with shields
    • Includes onboard accelerometer, 132 Mb serial NOR flash, stereo codec, potentiometer, and an RGB LED
    • ARM CMSIS-DAP interface for programming and debugging of the S6E1C series device
Kit Contents
  • FM0+ S6E1C series starter board
  • USB standard-A to micro-B cable
  • Quick start guide

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