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RK/H6 and RH/H6 DCDC Converters

RECOM Power's RK/H6 and RH/H6 series 1 W DC/DC converters feature high 6.4 kVDC isolation and an extended operating temperature range up to +90°C without derating, yet are lower cost than standard high isolation converters. They are suitable for demanding industrial, high isolation test and measurement applications.

Features and Benefits
  • 1 W DC/DC converters
  • High isolation
  • Continuous short circuit protection
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Built-in class A filter
  • 1 W single outputs
  • 6.4 kVDC/1sec isolation
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C up to 90°C
  • Industrial applications
  • General purpose
  • Price-sensitive applications
  • Isolated power for sensors
  • Telecommunications
  • Test and measurement applications 

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