RAFIX 22 FS+ Control Components

RAFI understands that top-quality design plays an ever more important role in the sales and distribution of machines and installations. Users increasingly expect sophisticated, ergonomically sound, and aesthetic design, even from industrial input and operation devices. With the control components generation RAFIX 22 FS+, RAFI is setting standards with regard to functionality and aesthetics. The low mounting depth of the activation elements enable extremely slender casing solutions. The functional spectrum of the actuators covers all areas of use and range from illuminable push-buttons with a protruding or flat baffle to selection/key/mushroom-type push-button switches, along with various "emergency stop" push buttons. Signal indicators, potentiometer actuators, and robust USB feed-throughs are likewise part of the RAFIX FS 22+ product line.

The great degree of variability in the actuation components allows the designers of control panels a great deal of freedom in designing. Round or square coil shapes and combinable front rings, in various colors and with different surfaces, form the basis for individual recognition ratings. All actuation components have at least the protection class IP65, and with that. are suitable for nearly any application. RAFIX 22 FS+ offers variability in lighting technology: 3 mm THT LEDs as well as SMT LEDs can be used for the homogeneous illumination of control components. The lamps (along with the PCB contact blocks) are set onto the base PCB. The PCB contact blocks are available with gold contacts for low voltages (5 V to 35 V) or with silver contacts for mains voltages up to a maximum of 250 V. These feature a system installation depth of merely 9.2 mm behind the front board of the casing and can be ideally combined with further electronic components (as well as with short-travel keyswitches) on a shared PCB. In those applications in which a wired solution is more efficient, the QC variants within the RAFIX 22 FS+ type series offer numerous assembly-related advantages in comparison to the leading, standard control-components type series. With a space requirement of merely 27 mm behind the front board, they are then simply engaged into the actuator without the aid of tools. The stable connector resists agitation and vibrations. In addition, the simple plug-and-socket design principle allows the advance packing of cable looms with QC contact blocks.

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