Q-Bridge Thermal Conductor

ATC's Q-Bridge thermal conductors manufactured with the highest quality materials for reliable and repeatable performance, providing a cost-effective thermal management solution. These devices are constructed with aluminum nitride (AlN) or beryllium oxide (BeO) and are available in standard EIA form factors.

Q-Bridge provides the designer with the ability to manage thermal conditions by directing heat to a thermal ground plane, heatsink, or any other specific thermal point of interest. The inherently low capacitance makes this device virtually transparent at RF/microwave frequencies. The device has the added benefit of offering additional layers of protection to adjacent components from hot spot thermal loads.

Q-Bridge provides the benefit of increased overall circuit reliability. ATC's Q-Bridge is manufactured using one-piece construction, providing a RoHS-compliant SMT package that is fully compatible with high-speed automated pick-and-place processing. It is available in 0402, 0603, and 0805 EIA case sizes. Custom configurations are also available.

Features Applications
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Low capacitance
  • Increases circuit reliability
  • More efficient thermal management
  • GaN power amplifiers
  • High RF power amplifiers
  • Filters
  • Synthesizers
  • Industrial computers
  • Switch mode power supplies
  • Pin and laser diodes

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