Neo: IoT Cell Connectivity / Connectivity

Aeris is a leader and pioneer in the IoT and M2M industry. Aeris’ network connectivity offering has been tailored specifically to work with the Internet of Things (IoT), helping reduce costs and improve the operational efficiency when deploying and managing devices. Through the NEO platform, customers can reduce the time, cost, and hassle of obtaining and operating connectivity. With its online connectivity management platform, the user can easily activate SIMs, monitor activity, track usage, and manage alerts.

By purchasing the Neo SIMs, the user gets:
  • SIMs + Immediate nationwide 2G/3G GSM coverage
    • Data and SMS connectivity
    • No contract commitment, set-up, or cancellation fees
    • SIMs are ready to activate right out of the box
    • See pricing options and check coverage
  • Access to the Neo connectivity management portal
    • Activate the SIMs the minute they arrive
    • Manage SIM activations and suspensions, generate traffic and billing reports and utilize alerts and troubleshooting tools to identify and resolve issues
    • Used by some of the largest IoT solution providers, capable of scaling to millions of connections
  • Online documentation and support
    • Online access to support resources to answer all questions
    • Shared knowledge from IoT experts on the community support forum
    • Learn more here
  • Immediate IoT connectivity to accelerate growth
    • With the Neo platform, eliminate the hassle and time going back and forth between the user and a cellular data provider or a carrier’s in-store sales representative
    • Upon SIMs arrival, activate them instantly from the browser in three easy steps:
      • Order as many Neo SIM cards as needed right here on
      • Once the SIMs arrive, create a Neo account. The online Neo portal is included free-of-charge with the SIMs
      • Register and activate the SIMs
  • Insight as users develop and control as they deploy
    • Better manage development and deployment with the simple, self-service Neo online portal that enables the user to:
      • Gain actionable insights into device traffic, performance and costs
      • Obtain alerts on critical device activities
      • Perform proactive device and device traffic management
      • Easily perform device monitoring, troubleshooting and management
  • Constant access to answers and resolutions
    • The Neo online resource center is where the user finds everything needed to launch and manage the SIMs on the platform and the network
    • Including:
      • Easy-to-understand tutorials
      • Comprehensive reference materials
      • Robust, online support community
  • IoT development
  • Remote monitoring
  • GPS tracking
  • Fleet management
  • Healthcare 
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial IoT
  • Retail/POS
  • Security
  • Manufacturing/OEM
  • Energy/utilities
  • Agricultural/environmental
  • Connected home
  • Many more
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