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MPZ Series Ferrite Chip Beads

TDK’s MPZ series ferrite chip beads are used to suppress noise in both signal and power supply circuits. They are effective at reducing noise simply by being placed into the circuit in series. Multilayer chip beads consist of ferrite material and a conductive paste layered together. The equivalent circuit diagram of a chip bead consists of a reactance component, X, and a resistive component, R. The combined impedance of X and R is denoted as impedance Z. The static characteristics of a chip bead are typically described as the impedance value Z at a frequency of 100 MHz. While several different chip beads could have the same impedance value at 100 MHz, it is important to look at their individual frequency characteristics to determine which bead will work best for the circuit within the required frequency range. TDK offers up to five material types, which provide various frequency characteristics for MPZ series chip beads in a variety of case sizes, each suited to different applications. Availability of materials varies with case size.


  • Noise reduction solution for power line
  • Has low direct current resistance for compatibility with large currents, optimal for low power consumption (as compared to the MMZ series)
  • Various frequency characteristics with five materials of different features
  • Conforms to RoHS directive, halogen free, and compatible with lead-free soldering
  • Standard operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C
  • Storage temperature range of -55°C to 125°C (after PC board mounting)

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