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Matched Impedance Splices

With the matched impedance splice, TE Connectivity (TE) solves the problem of costly removal and replacement of damaged RG-393 coaxial cable. Not only does the splice allow fast, easy repair of the cable in situ, it maintains the characteristic impedance and other electrical properties. System performance is not affected by the repair. Removing and replacing a damaged coaxial cable can be time consuming and expensive. The matched impedance splice’s ability to be applied without removing the cable can significantly speed the repair, saving time and cost.

The splice contains three components: a hexagonal crimp barrel for the center conductors, a dielectric shell that helps maintain cable geometry for impedance control, and a solder shield splice that both terminates the cable’s shield and provides sealing to protect the splice environmentally.

The solder shield splice uses a flux-coated, solder-impregnated copper shield inside an adhesive-lined, heat-shrinkable sleeve. The completed assembly provides an environmentally sealed termination and strain relief.

  • Maintains cable’s electrical properties
  • Meets MIL-PRF-32517 performance requirements
  • Matches cable’s impedance +10%/-3%
  • No need to remove or replace cable
  • Heat-shrinkable outer layer plus thermoplastic adhesive for sealing and strain relief
  • Withstands high vibration
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Wide temperature range
  • Excellent fluid resistance
  • Suitable for high EMI environments
  • Military aerospace
  • Commercial aerospace