FN2210-2211 EMC EMI Filters

Schaffner's FN2210 / FN2211 series are the most compact dedicated high-current DC filters for PV inverters in the industry making them an optimum fit with most modern PV inverter generation. In addition, the filters can be configured in a very flexible way to fulfill customized application requirements.

All FN2210 / FN2211 filters come in asymmetrical housings, which help to prevent inverse installation and wrong electrical connection. Along with grid-side installed Schaffner AC EMC/EMI filters FN 2210 / FN2211, the DC filters FN2210 / FN2211 are key for meeting the stringent international standards for electromagnetic compatibility and help to ensure a reliable and fault-free operation of the entire PV system.

Installed between the PV inverter and the solar panel, the FN2210 / FN2211 DC filters are used to positively influence the conducted emissions on the panel side of the system. Therefore, the DC filters significantly reduce the potential for high frequency (HF) interference radiation of the panel. The filter also helps to prevent premature panel aging because of HF stray and leakage currents.

The FN2210 / FN2211 series are primarily designed for PV inverter applications between 250 A and 2300 A. However, they can potentially also be applied in other DC applications within published specifications, like UPS, DC motor drives, energy/battery storage systems, or DC charger installations.

Benefits and Features

  • Reduces conducted emissions towards the solar panel
  • Helps to prevent premature panel aging
  • Most compact standard solution in the industry
  • Reduces the probability of EMI radiation off the solar panel
  • Helps to meet international EMC regulations

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