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EB-5000S Soldering Station

Easy Braid's soldering stations provide years of reliable performance with the use of curie heat technology, a scientific technology that regulates power instantly to respond to thermal requirements of solder joints. Precisely controlled temperature and quick-process-time are required during these applications, and products deliver the perfect response with no temperature overshoot.

EB-5000S-1 Accessories
EB-5000S-1 Promotion
  • Standard Tips
  • Desoldering Equipment
  • Desoldering Tips
  • Tweezer Equipment
  • Tweezer Tips
  • Buy 3 get 2 free stations
  • Curie heat technology
  • ESD- and lead-free
  • Used with the ET series of tips including standard, desoldering and tweezer
  • Low-cost system provides cartridge and tip flexibility
  • No calibration or operator training required
  • Same technology as the EB-9000S but with one port


  • Fine-point soldering applications
  • Smartphone boards
  • Hearing aids

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