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BD570 Qi Wireless Power ICs

ROHM Semiconductor's BD57020MWV is an integrated IC for the wireless power transmitter. This device is composed of inverters for the coil drive, controller for the communication of the Qi compliant and demodulating circuit, GPIO, TCXO buffer, and I2C interface. It works as a controller in the wireless power transmitter based on the Qi compliant by using it with a general-purpose microcomputer. BD57020MWV is applied to Qi ver.1.2 (low power and medium power).

ROHM Semiconductor's BD57015GWL is a stand-alone wireless power receiver IC. The device integrates a fully synchronous rectifier circuit with low-impedance FETs, Qi compliant and PMA compliant packet controller, adjustable regulated voltage output, and an open-drain output terminal to communicate with the power transmitter using amplitude modulation. BD57015GWL is targeted at mobile applications implementing wireless charging compliant to Qi medium power standard and the PMA standard.

BD57020MWV Features BD57015GWL Features
  • WPC / Qi version 1.2 (low power and medium power)
  • PMA standard SR1
  • Half bridge / full bridge inverter
  • Foreign object detection
  • GPIO 4CH
  • I2C bus interface
  • 5.0 mm x 5.0 mm UQFN package 40-pin
  • 4.2 V to 5.3 V input power supply voltage range
  • 4.6 V to 20 V input adapter voltage range
  • 110 kHz to 205 kHz drive frequency range
  • -20°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • 5.00 mm x 5.00 mm x 1.00 mm UQFN040V5050 package
  • Low-impedance FET rectifier
  • High-efficiency fully synchronous rectifier
  • Maximum input voltage of 20 V
  • Supports Qi standard version 1.2, PMA standard SR1
  • Automatic detection of Qi / PMA, or selection by external pin
  • Open-drain output terminal for modulation
  • TX-RX coil position gap alarm
  • Seven programmable output voltages
  • 20 V maximum input voltage
  • 1.5 A maximum input / output current
  • 100 kHz to 480 kHz AC input frequency range
  • 4.1 mm x 3.2 mm x 0.57 mm UCSP50L4C package
BD57020MWV Applications BD57015GWL Applications
  • WPC compliant devices
    • PCs
    • Cradles for charging stands
  • Qi and/or PMA compliant devices
    • Smartphones
    • Cell phones
    • Hand-held mobile devices