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A8580 Regulator

Allegro's A8580 is designed to provide the power supply requirements of next generation car audio and infotainment systems; the A8580 provides all the control and protection circuitry to produce a high-current regulator with ±1.0% output voltage accuracy.

The A8580 offers significant flexibility in input voltage (4 V to 40 V), switching frequency (250 kHz to 2.4 MHz), and output current (up to 2.5 A). Of further note is the low Iq standby mode for “keep-alive” supplies, in which a pulse frequency modulation mode (PFM) is utilized to minimize supply current and help system designers more easily achieve their supply current “budget”. It also offers a wide range of protection features and excellent FMEA results.

Target markets include: instrument clusters, audio systems, navigation, and HVAC.

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