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A4963 BLDC Controller

Allegro's A4963 is a sensorless BLDC MOSFET gate driver scalable for a wide range of motor currents and applications. EEPROM programmable start, as well as run and control parameters allow operation with a wide range of motors and loads. PWM duty input permits simple input for the internal closed loop speed control that can eliminate the need or complexity for an external MCU.

The A4963 includes extensive protection circuits to improve system reliability including external MOSFET short to supply or GND, over temperature, temperature warning, under voltage lockout, loss of synchronization detection, cross conduction, peak current limiting, and serial transmission error.

The standard device is targeted for most applications. Allegro can create a unique ordering part number with customer selected control parameters preloaded in the A4963 EEPROM. Typical volumes for this service are >100 K. For lower volumes Allegro will provide an application note to explain how to load these parameters into the EEPROM.

Features Applications
  • Wide supply voltage range: 4.2 V to 50 V
  • Logic level P-N gate drive
  • Reliable sensorless startup and commutation
  • Easy to control and flexible
  • Designed for safety
  • Fans, blowers and pumps
  • Power tools
  • Garden tools
  • ROV - drones
  • Hair dryers, portable mixers

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