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Nov 24, 2015

General Cable’s Carol Brand products offer both electrical and electronic designers a vast array of quality PVC hookup wire to meet the specific technical demands of today.

Nov 2, 2015

To meet the needs of today’s sophisticated, high-speed, wide bandwidth electronics over long distances, with minimum signal loss or degradation, General Cable Carol® Brand offers a wide range of coaxial and twin axial designs in both unbalanced arrays and precision-balanced pairs.

Aug 22, 2012

Carol Brand EXZEL, manufactured with quality and dependability, enables critical signals in industries that demand as much.

Jun 29, 2012

Category 5e Cable are third-party verified for guaranteed performance and have a print legend that contains footage markings from 1000' to 0'.

Jun 29, 2012

Carol® Brand Ultra Flex® has excellent molding capabilities as well as excellent characteristics in extreme heat and cold.