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Nov 6, 2012

Curtis Industries F3099 series are designed to meet UL544 and IEC601 specifications for both patient care and on-patient categories.

Oct 19, 2012

The F1199 series from Curtis Industries provides a low-leakage solution to common mode EMI/RFI compliance and is designed for general purpose applications where low-leakage current is needed.

Oct 15, 2012

The F1150 series RFI Filters from Curtis Industries are designed to help control conducted common mode emissions and reduce susceptibility to electromagnetic interference.

Jun 29, 2012

F11xx series of filters are available with a variety of input and output configurations.

Jun 29, 2012

The GFTX barrier blocks are designed to simplify your thru-panel wiring and feature up to 600 V UL rating.

Jun 29, 2012

A general purpose line of filters for DC applications designed to comply with UL/EN 60950 safety requirements