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May 28, 2015

The uEZ GUI unit uEZGUI-4088-43WQN is everything you need right out of the box to have a touch screen GUI instantly in your project.

Mar 6, 2015

FDI's ELI70-CR 7.0" cost effective commercial version featuring plug and play interface to standard SBCs such as BeagleBone Black or Raspberry Pi.

Sep 11, 2014

7.0" TFT WVGA 800 x 480 LCD panel with integrated touchscreen

Jun 29, 2012

DK-43WQH-1788 is optimized to save development time in typical embedded control applications.

Jun 29, 2012

SOMDIMM-RX62N provides a solution for implementing an RX600 based design by providing the basic functions necessary for a product on an easy to use SOMDIMM.

Jun 29, 2012

uEZGUI-RX62N-35QT includes a 96 MHz Renesas RX621 or RX62N microcontroller running the open source µEZ® + FreeRTOS software platform.

Jan 1, 1970

Serial to Wi-Fi Adapter Boards provides the means to evaluate the capabilities of GainSpan’s low power Wi-Fi modules and the Serial to Wi-Fi embedded software.