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Dec 29, 2015

In addition to embedded motor control electronics and intelligent mixed signal semiconductors, Hamburg-based manufacturer TRINAMIC Motion Control is introducing an additional product-family, named motionCookies™.

Nov 25, 2015

TRINAMIC’s TMC8460 is the first EtherCAT slave controller IC to incorporate PWM and Step/Dir I/O peripherals that do not require routing through the firmware of an application processor, eliminating latency for applications requiring real-time response.

Jul 13, 2015

TRINAMICs motor drivers are designed to be the easiest to use and best performing motor drivers on market.

Jun 19, 2015

Trinamic's dual-axis stepper integrated controller driver IC family are powerful systems-on-a-chip, integrating sophisticated ramp-generators and two power stages, plus best-in-class diagnostics and protection in a tiny 7 mm by 7 mm QFN package.

May 26, 2015

TRINAMIC’s 3-Phase chipset is designed for, high current BLDC and PMSM Servo drives, pumps, blowers at lowest bordspace. An evaluation board is also available.

Apr 15, 2015

TRINAMIC’s PANdrive™ smart mechatroinic solutions includes high torque stepper motor, a motion controller/driver, spreadCycle™ chopper technology, and TMCL™.

Mar 30, 2015

TMC2130 and TMC2100 Stepper Driver

Jan 9, 2015

TMC5130 ICs enable superior control of stepper motors and are cost efficient and easy-to-use.

Aug 21, 2014

A powerful system-on-a-chip combined with a ramp generator and two power stages that delivers best-in-class diagnostics and protection.

Jul 3, 2014

TMCM-1043 kit is pre-configured and pre-programed and is designed to be used with MCM-1043 stepper motor driver.

May 1, 2014

A highly integrated, energy efficient, and cost effective three-axis stepper motor controller/driver module.

May 1, 2014

A tiny IC with sophisticated ramp-generators and two power stages that help quicken time to market while saving money and space.

Mar 10, 2014

TMC429 miniature motor controllers can control up to three motors with high performance while saving energy and costs.

Jan 31, 2014

Step/direction driver board provides motor control via step and direction signals, which can be controlled by a PLC or an external controller board.

Nov 11, 2013

Complete microstepping driver ICs include a high-resolution indexer DAC that helps to create smooth and quiet operation and positioning.