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Silicon Wafer Shipments to Reach Record Level in 2013

Silicon wafer demand will increase as demand for semiconductors increases over the next two years.
Shipments of silicon wafers will be flat in 2012, but will increase to record levels in 2013 and 2014, according to trade association SEMI.

In its annual silicon wafer shipment forecast, the trade group said polished and epitaxial silicon shipments will total 8.9 billion square inches 2012, compared to 8.8 billion in 2011. However, in 2013 silicon wafer shipments will increase to 9.4 billion square inches, which will be a new record for the silicon wafer industry, according to SEMI. The previous shipment record was 9.1 billion square inches which occurred in 2010.

Silicon wafer shipments will continue to rise in 2014 when wafer producers will ship more than 9.9 billion square inches of wafers.

"In spite of heightened economic uncertainty, silicon shipments for the first half of 2012 were very promising,” said Denny McGuirk, president and CEO of SEMI.

Silicon wafers are produced in various diameters ranging from one inch to 12 inches and are the substrate material on which most semiconductors are fabricated.