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SEMI: Record $43.55 Billion in Semiconductor Materials Shipped in 2010

The global semiconductor materials market increased 25 percent to $43.55 billion, as strong chip demand resulted in a record year for the semiconductor materials market, according to trade association SEMI. The previous semiconductor materials revenue record was $42.67 billion set in 2007.

Wafer fabrication materials totaled $22.93 billion in 2010, compared to $17.75 billion in 2009. About $20.6 billion in packaging materials shipped in 2010, compared to $17.09 billion in 2009, reported SEMI.

Large increases in silicon and advanced packaging substrates revenues contributed to the year-over-year growth of the total semiconductor materials market.

Japan remained the largest consumer of semiconductor materials with $9.20 billion in total sales, up from 20 percent from 2009. The materials market in Taiwan reached grew 33 percent to $9.11 billion, due to its large foundry and advanced packaging base.

All regional markets experienced double-digit growth in 2010, reported SEMI.