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Panasonic Electronic Components Jiangmen China Factory Suffers Storm Disaster

Thank you for your strong support of Panasonic Film Capacitors and the entire Panasonic Electronic Components product line manufactured by Panasonic Industrial Devices (Jiangmen) Co., Ltd. (PIDJM).

On April 29, 2012 at midnight, a strong storm, which news sources identified as a tornado, occurred locally South of Guangdong, China.

The Panasonic Industrial Devices (Jiangmen) Co.,Ltd.(PIDJM) factory facility was seriously damaged by the storm. The roof of the facility was damaged causing some production machines to stop. Luckily, no factory personnel were harmed by the storm.

Right after the storm, Panasonic immediately began the disaster recovery actions necessary to restart production. As soon as a complete damage assessment is finalized, the factory will provide an estimate on when production will be restarted. Updated lead times will be published upon final assessment of damage.

Panasonic Film Capacitor Series Affected By The Disaster

  • Standard Metalized Film Capacitors: ECQ-E, ECW-F, ECW-H Series
  • Standard Stacked Metalized Film Capacitors: ECQ-V Series
  • Dry type AC Film Capacitor (for small type compressors or motors) Example: for fan of air conditioner, refrigerator etc.
  • Oil Filled Type AC Film Capacitors (for medium or large compressors, medium or large motors) Example: for compressors of air conditioners and washing machines

Thank you for your kind understanding and support. Please contact your local Panasonic Electronic Components Sales person with any questions or concerns.