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OSD Market to Grow Seven Percent in 2012

The global market for optoelectronics, sensors and discretes will grow from $57.4 billion in 2011 to more than $95 billion in 2016.
The global market for optical electronics, sensors and discretes (OSD) will grow seven percent to $61.6 billion in 2012 driven by strong demand for sensors, according to market researcher IC Insights. Demand will remain strong through at least 2016 when the OSD market will reach $95.1 billion.

The OSD market, including micro-electromechanical systems-based sensors, fiber optic transmitters, CMOS image sensors, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and power transistors grew eight percent in 2011 to $57.4 billion, IC Insights reported.

Demand was especially strong for acceleration/yaw sensors which grew 21 percent last year, and for laser transmitters which posted 18 percent sales growth, according to IC Insights. Pressure sensors grew 15 percent while magnetic field sensors rose 14 percent and actuators posted 11 percent growth.

Solid-state lamp sales, which grew 16 percent in 2011 on the strength of high-brightness LEDs, are expected to rise just 10 percent in 2012 primarily due to price erosion from a buildup of inventories, according to the research firm.

High-brightness white LEDs will have a relatively slow growth rate until 2014 when expensive solid-state lights finally become cheap enough to compete with conventional lighting products in mainstream end-user markets.

Motion-activated user interfaces, embedded automatic controls, and location-aware features in cell phones and portable electronics will continue to drive up sales of sensors built with micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) technology.

Power transistors and related discrete semiconductors will reach record sales levels because of growth of battery operated electronics, renewable energy systems, hybrid and electric vehicles, and the global emphasis on reductions in electricity consumption.

CMOS image sensors are also expected to see another wave of strong growth from new imaging applications and machine-vision designs, which will include automotive safety systems and intelligent surveillance networks.