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New Semiconductor for Lighting Reduces Bill-of-Materials Costs

STMicroelectronics has unveiled a new ballast controller chip capable of reducing design time and costs in compact fluorescent light (CFLs), according to the company.

The new IC will fulfill the requirements of ENERGY STAR and other energy regulations, and will help optimize use of available energy.

ST's new L6520 controller is the first device to offer the choice of using low-cost bipolar power switches to ensure high-energy efficiency. It integrates important features on-chip to save design time and cost, while reducing bill-of-materials costs, STMicroelectronics reported.

The IC can be used with a wide range of lamps and power ratings, and has an extended temperature range from -25°C up to 85°C.

The L6520 embeds a digital control core, integrating all functions and protection, reducing the external components required with alternative controllers by up to 30 percent. Using an ST proprietary current control circuit, the IC is protected against over-current, over-voltage, choke saturation, and hard switching. Accurate and programmable pre-heating improves lamp life.

These devices join ST's family of energy-saving ballast ICs, which includes the L6574 with circuitry for controlling dimmable ballast and CFLs, and the L6585DE with built-in power-factor correction for use in high-end applications.