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MG, MH, MT and MZ Chip Beads Series with Certain Values to be Discontinued

Effective December 1, 2011, Bourns will no longer accept orders for certain values of MG, MH, MZ and all values of MT Chip Beads Series. A last time buy is available on or before November 30, 2011. A low sales volume and few active customers for these chip bead values necessitate this action. In addition, Bourns will no longer offer samples of the values to be discontinued.

We are not aware of any replacement part for these discontinued chip beads.

Affected part numbers:

MG1608-202Y MH3225-151Y MT1608-050Y MT3225-310Y MT3266-600Y MZ1608-152Y
MG1608-222Y MH3225-201Y MT1608-090Y MT3225-520Y MT4516-101Y MZ1608-202Y
  MH3225-300Y MT1608-300Y MT3225-600Y MT4516-151Y MZ2029-152Y
MH3225-520Y MT2029-070Y MT3261-190Y MT4516-800Y MZ2029-202Y
MH3225-650Y MT2029-100Y MT3261-260Y MT4532-121Y MZ3261-122Y
MH3225-900Y MT2029-110Y MT3261-310Y MT4532-131Y MZ3261-202Y
  MT2029-170Y MT3261-420Y MT4532-250Y  
MT2029-260Y MT3261-500Y MT4532-700Y
MT2029-300Y MT3261-700Y  
MT2029-400Y MT3261-900Y

If you have any questions, please contact Bourns Customer Service