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Global Semiconductor Sales in June Dropped 2 Percent Compared to June 2011

Worldwide sales of semiconductors declined 0.1 percent in June to $24.38 billion compared to May, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA). Chip sales in June were also down 2 percent from June 2011 when revenue totaled $24.4 billion.

“The semiconductor industry continues to navigate the turbulent global economy better than most sectors, but macroeconomic uncertainties are limiting overall recovery and growth," said SIA president Brian Toohey. He added that there were "encouraging signs" for business improvement in Japan and Asia Pacific, but there is "continued weakness in Europe and the Americas."

Regionally, semiconductor sales increased in Japan by 2 percent and Asia-Pacific by 0.6 percent in June compared to May. However sales in Europe declined 0.7 percent and fell 3.6 percent in the Americas.

Compared to June 2011, sales in June 2012 increased 3.7 percent in Japan and 1 percent in Asia-Pacific, but fell 8.1 percent in the Americas and 12.1 percent in Europe, the SIA reported.